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YOU need to be well

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Energy is all there is.  It is all around us, within us and is the basic building block of life and matter.  Einstein’s formula proved this.

Your body is energy and thoughts, emotions and beliefs are energy. Have you ever “felt” someone looking at you from across the room?  Does your stomach churn when you are under pressure?  Do thoughts of the past create a physical response in your body?  These are all examples of energy in the body.

Energy Healing can be Powerful! As we work together we will release, calm or restructure negative energies in hopes to reduce or eliminate pain and rebalance the body, heart, mind and spirit.   

Ann Goodspeed

Lover of all things Simple & Holistic

Passionate about life, Mom to 3 fabulous people and those they love

Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

Type 1 Diabetes thriver 45+ years

I was introduced to energy healing during a very challenging time in my life.  The results experienced where incredible and there began my journey of Energy Healing and Holistic training.  

I’ve always been a connector, love sharing what’s worked for me and what I believe will be helpful for others.  

I love what I do! Connecting with others fulfills me entirely, knowing and helping others understand that healing doesn’t have to be so hard.

It’s my mission to share this powerful energy healing modality with anybody seeking a way to get to the core of what’s ailing them today.

Our bodies are Miraculous! Your subconscious knows exactly what it needs to be well.  While I facilitate your energy balancing, you are the healer, always in control. This modality is safe, natural, respectful and supportive. It goes very deep but does not require you to reveal or relive past traumatic events.

The Emotion / Body Code modality could help you where nothing else has been able to.  I believe you may soon discover how Miraculous your Body truly is!

Note: All sessions are strictly confidential. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone.

Ann Goodspeed

Emotion Code / Body Code Practitioner