Have you ever wondered if the “Root Cause” of that pain ailing you today is Emotional?

I am honored to be a guest among friends at Relaxation Fitness studio in Farmington, Utah and grateful to Kathleen Shiftlett for allowing me this opportunity to share this powerful modality with her valued clients.

If you’d like to try this energy work modality while you practice yoga, I’m offering a free sample during upcoming classes.

I’ll be there when you check in.  All you need to do is fill out a simple form stating your main health concern before class, give me permission to connect with while you do yoga, be open and allow, and we’ll evaluate how you feel after class.  Simple!  No active participation is necessary and there is no obligation.  If you experience improvements and would like to work with me in the future, fantastic! If not, you can say you’ve experience the Emotion Code / Body Code Modality and enjoy the benefits of your practice that night.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

So grateful for the opportunity to meet and connect with so many clients at Relaxation Fitness recently.  Love everything about this studio!  Thanks to Kathleen for creating such a beautiful space for healing.

I’ve received positive feedback from clients who’ve taken advantage of the Free Emotional Release Experience over the past month.  For those who are wondering the WHAT & HOW of Healing Made Simple, this event if for you.

The Emotion / Body Code modality is at the forefront of energy healing and the next frontier of medicine.  It’s quick, effective and identifies the cause of your health concern right away, allowing your body to do what its designed, so you can move on with your life feeling a sense of balance and wholeness within.

Discover 7 keys to Release Pain and the tools needed to heal YOU and your family

Look forward to connecting with you!