Frequently Asked Questions

What is Holistic Health and Energy Healing?
The path of holistic health reaches back to ancient times. Ancient peoples looked at human health as resulting from a balanced combination of a healthy mind, body, heart, and spirit.

This is how the term “holistic” health got its name; the word “holism” is defined by the theory that parts of a whole are so intimately connected, they cannot exist independently or be understood without reference to the whole. Furthermore, when it comes to medicinal terms, holism refers to treating the whole person. So instead of solely considering physical symptoms, practitioners also take into account the mental, emotional, and social factors that might also be contributing to someone’s ailments.

Today, several thousand years after historians believe holistic medicine planted its roots, the idea of holistic health has withstood the test of time. Perhaps one of the most effective and commonly practiced ideas in holistic medicine today is energy healing.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is an alternative wellness practice founded on the belief that physical, mental, and emotional ailments can be eased by using the mind-body connection. This mind-body connection may be used to identify, access, channel, balance, and manipulate the energies that promote health and wellbeing. Unlike traditional Western medicine that tends to treat the symptoms of a disease or illness, energy healing is focused on all aspects of the patient’s life, body, and mind.

The “How” of Energy Healing

Unfortunately, there have been a lot of myths and misconceptions perpetuated about holistic healing. However, with mounting numbers of studies, testimonials, and scientific research backing “alternative” methods, many practitioners from vast fields of study are beginning to understand and reap the benefits of holistic healing.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, for example, has paired holistic techniques like muscle testing and his own discoveries in energy healing to help people find relief from an array of issues in body, mind and spirit. For many years, Dr. Nelson has taught audiences around the world simple ways that they can tap into the subconscious mind and get answers from the body itself. These techniques are designed to help break down the Heart-Wall and release Trapped Emotions. By using methods like the Arm Test, Dr. Nelson is helping people everywhere to find a balance between their conscious and unconscious minds in order to aid in balance and overall wellness.



What causes imbalances in the energy system?
Energetic imbalances can take many different forms. The Body Code identifies six main categories of disruption. They are:

  1. Energetic: the mental and emotional level, including the trapping of negative emotions, which also cause or contribute to problems in the other categories.
  2. Circuits and Systems: imbalances in the function of organs, glands, chakras and meridians.
  3. Toxicity: the presence of heavy metals, free radicals, and  chemicals
  4. Pathogens: infection caused by molds, viruses, bacteria and parasites
  5. Misalignments: imbalances of the bones, connective tissue, nerves and organs
  6. Nutrition & Lifestyle: nutrients, food, hydration, sleep and related issues


Virtually every health and wellness issue can be traced back to an imbalance in one or more of these areas at its core, which includes relationship, behavioral, financial and other problems.

Included in the Energetic category is the Heart Wall, which was discovered by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

What is a Heart - Wall?

A Heart Wall  is a mass of emotional energy that the subconscious mind constructs around the heart as a protective measure after experiencing deep hurt, grief, loss or heartache. It is made up of layers of trapped emotions which can be added to over time, making the Heart Wall thicker and thicker. Although it can be beneficial to have this protection at first, ultimately it blocks the heart from giving and receiving love, and stifles creative potential in all aspects of life.

A Heart Wall also causes one to attract negativity, and can be the source of physical pain and disease. Dr. Nelson estimates that 90% of people have a Heart Wall.

Some manifestations of the Heart Wall would be:

Feelings of isolation, trouble giving and receiving love, relationship troubles, trouble finding your true calling, success blocks, chest heaviness, neck and shoulder pain, difficulty healing, depression and emotional numbness.

When the Heart Wall is eliminated, people report a profound change in their lives. Sometimes the difference is immediate and other times it takes some time as the energy is shifting. The changes are most often seen in areas of health, relationships as well as career. Having your Heart Wall eliminated is the one loving thing you can do for yourself that will change your life.

Clearing the Heart Wall can have far reaching positive results. It is the single most important thing you can do for your health and happiness.

Check out these exciting testimonials about Heart-Wall Removals on the Discover Healing Website.

What is an Inherited Emotion?

In a nutshell, an Inherited Trapped Emotion is simply a bit of emotional energy that is received from a parent at the moment of conception. It comes along with all the other DNA and physical material- in the egg if it’s from your mother and in the sperm if it’s from your father.

Inherited Trapped Emotions can go back multiple generations, so if you find an older one, keep in mind that many distant relatives may also have it. We used to think that we could only release Trapped Emotions directly up the line (i.e. father’s father’s mother). Now we know that we can release inherited emotions from anyone who has received that exact vibration. This means that you can potentially help many people at the same time while you’re also helping your client. What a perfect example of the ripple effect in motion!

How does a trapped emotion cause physical pain or illness?

A trapped emotion is an invisible ball of negative energy. It vibrates at the same frequency as the emotion, and lodges somewhere in the physical body. The body tissues that are in that area resonate at the same negative vibrational frequency as the emotion does, creating a blockage in the energy pathways.  This disruption in the normal flow of energy can result in pain and other physical issues.

Here’s a story about a young boy and how releasing trapped emotions helped relieve his chronic leg pain.  

How can the source of an issue be identified?
With your permission, I am able to connect with your energy field and stand in as your proxy. Then, using a series of “Mind Maps” from The Body Code, intuitive questioning  and kinesiology, I communicate with your subconscious mind to identify areas of blockages, releasing them as I go along. In this manner, I peel away the layers of blockages to arrive at the underlying issues which your subconscious mind wants to have brought to the surface and released. There can be just a few layers or many, depending on the individual.
What happens during a session?

Once I’ve connected with your energetic field, I begin by using the Body Code System, asking simple yes and no questions about the underlying cause of your health concern and using kinesiology, (muscle testing) to see what your subconscious mind wants to have addressed in order of priority as to be most helpful to you. I release each blockage as it is identified.

Sessions last approximately 45 minutes, depending on how much work your body can process at that time. Your subconscious mind will let me know when you have reached your limit by not answering any more questions.

I end the session by sending you the intention to process peacefully, efficiently and effectively as your body takes the time it needs to rebalance and heal before we move onto your next session.  Finally, I disconnect from your energy system.

How long will it take for me to heal from my issue?
That is entirely up to your subconscious mind, your body, and the wisdom of the healing energy. Sometimes there is an instantaneous healing of a problem. For example, morning sickness can usually be cleared up quickly. With most issues, progress is made over the course of several sessions, as with any other healing modality. Once the energetic blockages  are released, your body’s own natural healing abilities are able to operate more smoothly. Healing is a process, and we heal in layers. The effects of energy healing are cumulative. Just as the problem wasn’t created overnight, healing from it often takes some time and attention.

In fact, it is our lack of attention (consciousness) which often causes the subconscious mind to manifest a problem in order to force us to acknowledge that there is something in our life which is not serving us. It can use the body as an instrument and pain as its signal to demand our conscious attention. The longer we ignore the subconscious, the nudges it gives us increase in severity until we are forced to stop and take notice. We may find ourselves with an illness, an injury, or we may experience financial or relationship problems. If we recognize the problem as the symptom of a deeper issue that requires attention, we can properly address it and move forward gracefully.

The beauty of this particular energy healing is that it easily identifies the underlying issues that  the subconscious mind is trying to bring to your attention. It removes the blockages at the root of the issue so that the body, mind and spirit can more easily and completely heal, and opens the way for you to take necessary action steps. Very often, clients see improvements in areas they hadn’t realized had any connection at all to the problem which originally prompted them to call.

What is Distance Healing?
No matter where you are, you can receive healing.

Long Distance Healing, Distance Healing, Remote Healing, Energy Healing – there are many names for energy healing over any distance, over the phone or over the computer (Skype).

Quantum Physics proves that we are all instantaneously connected by principles of Quantum Entanglement. Using principles of interconnectedness, we can all be energetically understood and energetically healed, immediately.

E = mc2  All is energy. By changing energy, changes occur.

All of my services can be received by you no matter where you are in the world.

Welcome to the future of instantaneous healing, anywhere, wherever you are.

There’s really nothing new about distance healing: whenever we think of a friend far away, wishing them well and feeling love or concern for them, we are literally connecting with that person through the ‘ethers’ or through what Gregg Braden has beautifully described as the Divine Matrix, an active field of compassion that holds us all.

As any quantum physicist will tell you, nothing in the world is truly separate; everything exists on a spectrum of energy. We only perceive a small spectrum of energy with our physical senses, but beyond that small spectrum, the sea of energy in constant, vibrant motion continues – through us and around us. Perhaps our most powerful faculty is Intention: when we hold the intention to bring solace, comfort and even powerful transformation into the life of a person who has requested it, an agreement is set up.

If this is a situation where a healer works with just one individual, we could think of this as a kind of etheric phone line between the two people. If a healer is working with a group, we could think of it as something more like an ethernet connecting everyone who has brought their intention to the field.

The capacity to engage with healing ‘beyond time and space’ is a great gift from the invisible realms to help us navigate through the visible ones. It is powerful, and it brings profound and lasting change into people’s lives.

Do I need to be on the phone while the session takes place?
No, but we will let you know the approximate time your session is being done so that you may relax, take a nap, or just be aware of when the healing is taking place. We will call you when your session is complete to share the details and suggestions with you. Each session is customized for you and your individual situation.
How soon can I have my next session?
It can take a few days for you to fully process the releases that were done during your session. How each person responds is very individual and can even vary from session to session, depending on what was released. Sometimes people notice an immediate lessening of severity of their issue or just feel lighter. Sometimes people feel a bit tired, moody or “off” for a day or two afterwards. Listen to your body and give it the rest it needs as it adjusts to the rebalancing of energy, and please drink plenty of water.

It is important for you to let me know how you’re feeling in the days after each session so I can help you with processing if necessary, and so we can arrange the best timing for your next session.

Can children benefit from Energy Healing?
Yes. As with adults, energy healing can help children with physical, emotional, relationship and behavioral issues. Children are emotional sponges, and trapped emotions can affect them widely and deeply. Clearing a child’s Heart Wall can be very beneficial and can prevent negative issues from becoming life-long patterns.

Parents and guardians can schedule sessions for children under age 18. Children over age 18 need to give their consent to have energy healing done for them, unless they are not capable of doing so.

How does the Abundance Breakthrough Program work?
Although we may think that our conscious mind is responsible for what we create and attract into our lives, it is really the subconscious mind that is running the show. You may feel that you’re ready to find a job with more responsibility, to get out of debt, or to start a business. You may take steps toward your goal, but if your subconscious mind holds beliefs that are at odds with it, you are not likely to follow through and succeed. Furthermore, if you did succeed, your subconscious mind would probably find a way for you to sabotage yourself. We can only accomplish and maintain goals which are in alignment with our subconscious beliefs.

Abundance Breakthrough sessions begin with an assessment of your goals and where you are now in relation to them. I will test to see how well aligned you are with your goals, and to what degree you are keeping yourself in a state of lack. I will work with you to identify negative beliefs that you hold in your subconscious mind, and their underlying causes. We will also identify positive beliefs which you are not in alignment with, which would be beneficial for you to have. We will find out why you have rejected these beneficial beliefs, and release the causes. One by one, we will delete the issues that have caused you to hold yourself back from aligning with your goals. This will empower you to begin to move toward your goals without all those invisible barriers holding you back.

The package consists of 5 sessions and includes your evaluation and assessment, clearing sessions, and a re-evaluation. These sessions are partly done over the phone, so you can participate in the assessments.

Can Energy Healing be used for pets?
Yes. Animals experience emotions just as humans do, and trapped emotions can have profound effects on their health and behavior. Frequently, rescue animals suffer from  trauma and upheaval, but they are unable ask for help to overcome it. Pets also absorb negative emotions from their owners. With energy healing, it is possible to identify and release these issues, easing the animals’ distress and allowing them the chance to heal and adjust. It is very rewarding to help animals in this way.  Typically, animals have fewer underlying issues than humans, and clearing progresses more quickly.
Does this replace a doctors professional opinion?
Answer: No
I don’t medically treat diseases. I don’t claim to cure diseases. I simply endeavor to find and resolve imbalances and remove energetic blockages that are situated in your consciousness or body. I believe that the symptoms you experience are often due to imbalances and blockages that are occurring in your body. If we can find those problems and fix them, your symptoms will most likely go away. This is complimentary to any other medical diagnosis.
Is it safe to use The Emotion Code on a pregnant woman?
Here’s what Jean Nelson (Dr. Brad Nelson’s wife) has to say about using The Emotion Code while she was pregnant:

“I loved having my husband, Dr. Nelson, work on me when I was pregnant. It really did help me. We believe that it is completely safe to do the Emotion Code and the Body Code during pregnancy. Using the BC can really alleviate morning sickness. Dr. Nelson recommends that if you are going to work on a pregnant woman, use your hand rather than a magnet to clear imbalances. Magnets and zero point energy devices may very well be safe enough but if something were to go wrong with the baby at birth and you had worked with the mother during her pregnancy, you can save yourself of the grieving parent’s blame. It is unlikely that the swipe of your hand to clear energy would ever be thought to be a possible explanation for the baby’s issue. Some kind of device could much more easily implicate blame, even if it didn’t do any harm. It’s really not so much an issue of safety but rather an issue of what people think is safe or not.”

That said, it is always a good idea to make sure your client is comfortable with the process.

What recommendations do you have for someone with Cancer?

(Dr Brad’s advice is to do the following (in conjunction with the advice of your physician):

  1. Purchase Bill Henderson’s book at
  2. Sign up for a coaching session with Bill and follow his protocol
  3. Use The Emotion Code method to find trapped emotions that are underlying reasons for the cancer
  4. If you need help, schedule a telephone session.
  5. If you are open to all options, take a hard look at, which I believe is the world’s most complete self-help course in energy healing, made simple.
  6. Remember that the subconscious mind knows why the cancer is there; ask it and it will tell you in most cases. Look for old traumas, and ask if there is anything in the way of getting over the cancer, or if there is a reason why you might not be okay with healing from the cancer, etc. Think outside of the box.

Remember that cancer is a symptom of imbalance, just like any other. Pray like it is all up to God, and work like it is all up to you. Believe that you are going to get well, and cultivate a lively sense of gratitude to God that He is healing you. Tell people you are getting well, and believe it, and your expectation will become your reality. I cannot overemphasize how important this is. These are the steps I would personally follow.

Dr. Brad : )

The Influence of Energy

“As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier … in medicine is energy medicine. It’s not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It’s not the chemistry of our body. It’s understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel.”

~ Dr. Mehmet Oz

“The challenge for acceptance of such a radical view that the human biology is both an energy and matter field will come from many fronts but the fact is that the contemporary physics worldview fully supports this amalgamation of matter and energy. By understanding the subtle biologic energy field we can begin to understand not only the biological origins of disease but we can usher into our healing traditions a true system of disease prevention.” ~ Dr. Bill Dean
“Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teaming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential. If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.”

~ Deepak Chopra

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