I’ve had great success with people who have: Acute and chronic pain in all areas of the body, Weight challenges, Nightmares, Bedwetting, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Heartache, Low motivation, Lack of Positivity & Life purpose, Addictions, Troubled Relationships, Fatigue, Nerve pain, Skin conditions, Allergies, Gut issues, Constipation, Menstruation, Hormone imbalances, and the list goes on and on.

Ann has been able to release and help heal so many aches and pains over the past year, I enjoy working with her and value her focus on clients needs. Recently, in my quest to improved overall health , we worked together specifically to address symptoms of weight gain, pain and inflammation due to Hashimoto’s. Ann’s focus on what was best for me personally, and her ability to tap into what I was experiencing helped me as I focused on what I needed to do to heal. Happy to report that the excess weight fell off and more importantly I feel GREAT – no more pain! Ann is a first call for me when things don’t feel quite right. Love her and what she does!

Jill K.

Jill K

I had some energy work done by Ann on kind of a whim. I didn’t consider myself to be someone with anything too serious in regards to medical issues or other problems. I had, however, been dealing with some things that the doctors didn’t seem to have answers for or solutions to so I felt like this would be my next step. I can’t believe what a difference I feel after having the work done. I didn’t realize how sluggish and “not myself” I had been feeling until I had this done. Probably one of the most significant changes I have seen is the difference in a neurofibroma (nerve sheath tumor)  I have. This was completely unexpected and I have been so amazed that having this work done has yielded a miraculous result like this. Not only has the pain level improved significantly but the size of the tumor has actually gotten smaller. Overall, I am thrilled with all that Ann released and I feel like a burden I didn’t even know I was carrying has been lifted significantly.

Alyson C

On Monday I felt a tension headaches/migraines coming on.  The headaches start in my shoulders, neck (which cracks and pops a lot), and the base of my skull.  The most severe pain typically manifests itself in my left eye (sometimes both eyes) and last a minimum of 5 days. I also experience dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, etc.  Oftentimes they’re so debilitating I can’t function. Fortunately, I was able to have a Body Code session with Ann that night.  (During the session, she was able to pick up on other areas that cause me pain as well.) Immediately after my session, my shoulders weren’t as tight and the pain in my left eye had started to subside.  By the next day (keep in mind my headache would have progressed to a new pain level), I felt good! For any of you who experience severe headaches, you understand what it feels like to finally get relief!  Even my mind and thoughts felt more clear (It had been racing 100 mph, and would not be silent!). It’s hard to explain, but I just felt good! Once my processing period is complete, I’m looking forward to my next Body Cody session with Ann.  I can’t wait!!!

Julaine C

Ann Goodspeed is a wonderful and unusual healer. I don’t understand how, but she was able to identify a significant health problem for me. Unfortunately, I was reluctant to raise the possibility with my physician, because Ann’s methods of discerning wellness seemed peculiar. I suffered longer than needed. When I finally admitted Ann’s “alternative” information to my doctor, I was tested, and Ann was right. The treatment was simple and my improvement has been stunning to all. I highly recommend Ann Goodspeed and Healing Made Simple.


Lauren L

“After my amazing experience with Ann, I immediately wanted her to work on my husband. He was more hesitant and didn’t understand energy work. I was patient and he finally allowed Ann to release his trapped emotions. As a result of Ann’s work our marriage has been so much stronger. We are able to communicate and listen in a way we never have before. We are both able to handle the stress and pressures of life and marriage better. We have more love in our home.  I have had moments that have stood back and watched him parent our children with more vulnerability and compassion. I am beyond grateful to Ann for the work she has done for my family.  We are truly feeling more joy than ever before.”

Brittney S

I feel amazing!!! Sleep better…and lots of vivid dreams. More energy and I feel more open and soft hearted…more like myself  😀 thank you!!!!

I am still feeling improvements in my motivation and drive for life. I am doing things like making my 3 yr old laugh instead of getting annoyed with his repeated demands which is more like my nature. It is just happening naturally instead of intently purposefully trying to be nice. It is hard to explain in words and the feelings are gentle and natural not intense or jarring. Thank you!!!!

Heidi L

It’s been a difficult road, feelings of absolute hopelessness and loneliness. I even questioned if anyone would be able to help me, or if I deserved help. With a little digging I stumbled upon Ann through the body code forum and reached out to her. I had doubt that she’d show sympathy on me or even have a clue of what was happening to me. I was hesitant, but am so happy I asked regardless of my fear. She showed so much compassion, despite not knowing me personally. Through her I felt like God really did care about me. Then to top everything off was the success I got. Though a bumpy ride, one of which I’m still on, I saw improvement. With critical thinking skills she and I found one underlying problem to my poor bowel movements which she corrected. I was able to spend my whole holiday with the freedom of just being able to go, without needing so much time in the bathroom. Although the problem is back she gave encouragement to be patient and that the other underlying reasons would be made known. The next was the skin. This has been the toughest case to crack, but she has been supportive even through my hardest moments. She points out my brilliant ideas and encourages me to follow through with them so that I’ll be free to have the beautiful glowing skin I once had. Ann, thank you. I will continue until the time I can say to you “I finally made it. ” You have an incredible power to heal and are so very skilled at using the body code.

LiShayla W

I am very thankful for how much Ann has helped me through the Body Code. She is very professional and prompt in her work. Her intuition is amazing. Several times she checked up on me right when I needed it. She is also approachable. I felt safe telling her things that were hard or scary for me to admit. She always responded with quick empathy and kindness.

It is very apparent that Ann lives all the good principles that she teaches and uses in her practice. I know that what she did for me has made a positive difference. If I ever get stuck again, I will for sure call her back.

D. Tanner

I met with Ann Goodspeed at a fundraiser spa night. I honestly don’t know where to begin. I had never heard of the emotion code modality and to say I was skeptical is an understatement. However, I’m willing to try anything as western medicine has been unable to help with my chronic pain and irritability. Ann was incredible to meet with. She is genuine, skilled, and attune. I definitely hope to meet with her again soon. I was impressed. The information she was able to provide and the release work we did together really helped and made a difference. I am hopeful with continued work I will be able to finally feel well and enjoy my wonderful kids and husband.

Rebecca Olsen


Hi Ann-  just wanted to let you know I can’t believe the difference in Jake’s behavior since you worked on him!  He still has moments but I think that’s to be expected at his age, but overall it has been a major change in him especially in such a short time ( 2-3 days).  Thank you so much!  I’d be interested in what else we could fix!  😉

Rhonda N

Ann is a best person that can help you heal. She is an EC BC expert knows exactly what to do & how to help her clients. Highly intuitive & very professional. She helped me to remove layer of my heart wall & I am feeling so good. If you need services from Ann donot think twice. I felt so safe in her presence & this has helped me to see the positive sides of my life. Thanks so much for your healings, blessings on me dear Ann. May you heal lots of people & show them happiness. Thank you.
~ Joita (Indian Subcontinent, Asia)

Additional Feedback from Clients

My Daughter  has been a lot better. More of a pleasant little girl. I really can’t believe it. Instead of all of those issues at a 10 from a scale 1-10,  she is now at a 4. Which is a significant difference!

~ Jenn C

Wow, Ann. Thank you! Your kindness is so refreshing! 💖💖💖 these are wonderful suggestions and I will definitely chat over all of this amazing info with my hubby tonight so we can get started right away. I truly appreciate your knowledge and heartfelt concern for our daughters health.

~ Sarah S.

I don’t think I sweated last night.  I have been having really interesting dreams about some of the things we cleared, and I learned stuff about my ancestors and was able to connect with them and pray with them through this releasing process.  It was so neat!  Everything you tested was exactly right!  Thank you so much!

~ K. H.

Hi! I wanted to tell you something so interesting. Dane has never been a good sleeper. I’ve wondering many times how he even functions getting so little sleep, maybe 5 or 7 hours on a good day. Well the last three days he has slept in until 10:00 am and yesterday he took a nap!

~ J. D.

Ann, I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your work. Yesterday my mid back & lower back were feeling weak & out of alignment and I don’t know why.  Since Sunday my right sciatic nerve has been inflamed really bad. Everything that came up in each session (starting one month ago) was very accurate with what I was experiencing.
I also want to compliment you on the love that you put into your work & the way you communicate with love & care to your clients (as I can tell in your notes). Everything I’ve seen you do has been with pure intentions & only looking out for the best for your clients.
I feel very grateful that we connected.
You’re amazing! Be proud of the work you’re doing because it’s incredibly powerful & soul healing. Thank you so much 🙏
P.s… I think my Mom will be hiring you soon 🙂
~ K.N.  St. George, UT

I came to ann when I was struggling with constant stomach pain and anxiety. Within one session my symptoms were almost minimal and I felt more like myself than I had in months. I love what she can do with my emotions even without knowing anything about me prior to our sessions! She is amazing and I highly recommend her for any physical or emotional concern you’re dealing with.

~ Kylee M.

This whole healing stuff may be exactly what I am needing. So incredibly grateful. Thank you! Thank you! I’m excited to see what else is coming.  I haven’t felt this good in… a long time. Thank you!! 💕

~ Kaitlyn E

Wow! It made such a difference! The rest of the day after you connected with me it was seriously so much better! Thank you thank you!      ~ Britt J

This is all so interesting and amazing!  It is so magical what you do!  Thank you so much 💕My ear is at a low hum and has been for a few days!  That is a miracle!  It’s the longest it’s been this soft! My heel is still tender but is getting smaller!  I feel like it will go away!  I am so thankful that I met you at the retreat. You are one of my angels and answers to prayers ❣️ You have definitely helped me so much!  I feel so much better. Thank you for your prayers and compassion!  You have been through so much and using what you’ve learned to help others❣️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  V.F.

Thank you for everything you have done and are doing to help me and my family! You are an angel on earth!


Oh my goodness!  I’m still amazed by this work!  I just LoVE it!! Doesn’t it make you want to shout it from the Roof tops? 😍 I’m so happy for you.  Thank you so incredibly much. I continue to share. It’s just fascinating to me.      ~ J.D.

Thank you so much!! I’m hoping my husband will let you work on him…he really needs it!!   ~ B.S.

I love you…you’re healing my family!!!I  Ann, you have a gift and are definitely meant to do this:)

It’s so amazing to me too…I love feeling like I’m healed through a pure way…

I can’t believe how many people you’ve helped!! Absolutely amazing!! We are so grateful ❤❤   B.S.

Thank you so much! My pain is at 0!!! So filled w GRATITUDE!! THANK YOU!!!

Oh my goodness, it has been an emotional day!!! I cannot believe the connections I’ve made with my ancestors. It’s going to take me a few days to be able to put it all into words!  M.P. Layton, Ut

Ann, I feel amazing! I can’t believe how this works. Thank you!!!!

Before  & After (Pain Scale 1 – 10, 10 being the worst)

  • Right foot-6                    3
  • Right ankle-7                   2
  • Both knees-7                   1
  • Left hamstring-5             2
  • Lower back-6                  1
  • Neck/shoulders-5           2
  • Left breast-6                    4

This really is amazing!!  Thank you so much for doing this!!  ❤❤❤ ~ M.W.

Oh my goodness! I’m just reading your notes! You ARE an angel and divinely inspired! Let me process all that I was feeling from last night to now.  You have just summarized, in a few short paragraphs, what has taken me almost a year, in counseling, to discover! I have so many questions!!! When can we talk?

Hi Ann- I think I mentioned to you that my foot just hurts in the mornings till I get it warmed up. So this morning I rushed to get to the 7 a.m. yoga class and as I was sitting on my mat warming up, I realized my foot didn’t hurt.  That’s funny how you pay attention to pain, but when it’s gone you forget all about it. 😃I’m hoping tomorrow is the same.  💕

Next day:   My foot is feeling great, just slight stiffness this morning, but much better over all 😀Thanks for checking on me.

                                                                                                                                                                                               ~ Laurie G.


Ann! I don’t have time to type right now but I can’t believe how well Pep did getting dropped off at the groomers!       ~M. C.

What a blessing you are Ann!!  I honestly can’t thank you enough ❤❤❤

~ B.T.S.

Ann Goodspeed

Emotion Code / Body Code Practitioner